Robinson Crusoe : The Movie


Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe

Live through the adventures of the movie Robinson Crusoe on the lost island. Join Robinson, Epi, Pango, Rosie, Scrubby, Kiki, Carmello and Tuesday in their adventures. The animals will be there to help you survive in this wild environment, build your cabin as well as your lookout tower.
Organize your territory to be able to plant the fruits that you need to feed. Manage your resources to the best to progress through the story.
Find all the different objects spread through the island to fill up your collection.
But be careful, the weather is not always on your side. And May and Mal are seeking to take their revenge upon Robinson…
But do not be discouraged


★ Once you have built your cabin and your lookout tower, a boat will surely come to rescue you.
★ A game for everybody, young and old.
★ A wide island to discover and decorate.
★ Dozens of objects to find.
★ Excerpts from to movie to accompany your adventures.